“That was absolutely fantastic and that’s the way to end a song, well done”
Simon Cowell

“That was a beautiful performance and its nice to see someone young taking on a big song written for someone a lot older than you. I am sorry that I have already pressed my golden buzzer because that performance was certainly worthy of one, well done you”
Amanda Holden

“Wow, I certainly wasn’t expecting that, where did that come from. That was a stunning performance and you told us a story, every word had a meaning”
David Walliams

“Angharad what a talent you are, you should be in the West End”
Peter Karrie

“Angharad she’s great – lovely voice”
James Whale

“Angharad has a beautiful soprano voice, along with a very skilful and solid technique, she has an effective presence on stage and always captures her audiences with her performances”
Rebecca Evans

“A beautiful Light Lyric Soprano with great range & technique…a name to remember! She is capable of spinning out the top pianissimo notes with total ease, and move you to tears with the warmth of her middle register…”
Patricia O’ Neill

“The warmth of Angharad’s personality and the thrilling agility of her voice combine to make her an artist whose performances always leave you with a smile…”
Beverley Humphreys

“A wonderful young artist and singer. What a future she has, as her voice and technique grow to match her natural artistry, her artistry is impeccable…”
Dr. Conan Castle (USA)

“Angharad’s voice is touchingly beautiful. She is a gifted soprano and is both broadcastable but also powerful enough to fill a stage or a stadium. She is also an artiste who takes her singing and not herself, very seriously indeed. She’s a delight to work with and we look forward to having her on the show many times in the future
Neville Thurlbeck 

“During our Christmas events, I was amazed at Angharad’s voice. Such power vocals are rarely heard off the cuff. She has a fantastic range and was an absolutely brilliant person to work with. I am sure she will go a long way”
Andy Miles (Badger) ~ Presenter 96.4FM The Wave